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Sample Tourism and Travel Personal Statement. I have always been passionate about building a career in Hospitality and Tourism Management and have worked hard to ensure that I gain the necessary knowledge and experience through both work and study. Hospitality Administration, Hotel Management, Free Sample Personal Statement of Purpose for Graduate School, Undergraduate, Bachelors, Masters, PHD Examples, Grad Intent Essay, Interest, Goals, Letter, CV It would be an honor for me to share some of my insights with you about the importance of diversity for the Personal Statement of Purpose. Alongside specific training, I have also achieved a Level 2 NVQ in Customer Service and a Level 5 Diploma in Hospitality Management during my career. Hospitality personal statement example. I am hugely proud of the way in which these courses have improved my knowledge of my industry as well as proving my ability to study in the UK.

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I have always been passionate about building a career in Hospitality and Tourism Management and have worked hard to ensure that I gain the necessary knowledge and experience through both work and study. I find nothing more rewarding than playing a key role in such a customer-focused industry and am continually motivated by the visible enjoyment that I have seen in my clients, not to mention my colleagues, when skill and teamwork have combined to create hospitality management personal statement truly memorable experience.

I have already demonstrated commitment and flair throughout the study of various aspects of Hospitality and Management. This intense interest, coupled with hard work and dedication, led to me completing my final course in record time and with the highest marks ever awarded by the institute. As I have taken this knowledge into full time work, however, I have seen how it is always possible to continue developing as both a student and as a professional and have undertaken a Diploma in Hospitality Management from the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute.

I would relish the opportunity to develop this knowledge of the industry through study associated with such prestigious institution. My academic interests in the Hospitality and Tourism Management have grown out of an extensive career portfolio in the field.

As I have progressed from a chef-based role to a working in a management consultancy capacity, I have consistently recognised the need to develop my knowledge of management procedures and structures, hospitality management personal statement. In my current role, hospitality management personal statement, as Food and Beverage Director, I am responsible for planning and implementing all elements of food and beverage service operations at a range of venues.

From creating management systems and concepts for dcor and menus to personnel hiring, hospitality management personal statement, training and development, this role has obviously seen me move away from a customer service and food preparation role and requires a greater overview of projects.

That my career has steadily developed in this direction, as have my studies, is really down to the fact that I like to organise and to provide leadership to ensure a high standard of service.

Having been in the industry, hospitality management personal statement, at all levels, for over 10 years, I have always strived for excellence and have expected the same dedication from my colleagues, hospitality management personal statement. Complimenting this practical experience with academic knowledge of management processes has really hospitality management personal statement me to continue striving towards this ultimate goal and I am keen to learn as much as possible that will enable me to get the best out of hospitality management personal statement myself and my colleagues.

In my spare time, my extroverted, friendly nature and love for interacting with people from all walks of life means I have a range of hobbies. I am a keen sportsperson, enjoying all forms of watersports including sailing and swimming. I am also a keen traveller and enjoy seeing my chosen industry from the other side and gaining ideas from places I visit about how thing may be done hospitality management personal statement. Having worked hard to gain a great deal of experience and knowledge within the Hospitality industry, I am still not content to stand still and stop developing professionally.

I am the sort of person who always seeks out a way to refine and to better operational and personnel procedures, which is why I have gravitated to a consultancy role. By studying such a prestigious, far-reaching and impressive course I will be able continue working to an even higher level in the future. We hope this example Tourism and Travel personal statement has hospitality management personal statement useful, and given you some ideas to help with writing your own.

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hospitality management personal statement


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