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social media report template

What is a social media report template? When you are running content on any social media platform, you need to be clear on what are the key performance indicators (KPI´s) you will be tracking. It's essential to establish the correct measurement needs according to the objectives you have on your project. Nov 18,  · This Social Media Report Haiku Deck template was created in the Kalamazoo theme, with image filters on. To make sure that you're not overloading your social media report presentation with too much information on each slide or confusing your audience with . Social Media Report Template – 13+ Free Word, PDF Documents Download As the present time progress, the internet has gone wider and influential in many parts of the world. Social media has been used by many in spreading news, endorsements, entertainment, education, etc. considering it as one of the most trending innovation today.

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A smart, simple, and easy-to-understand social media report is key to proving the value of your social marketing plan, social media report template. A good social media report can also help guide your actions as you incorporate social media report template learned from campaigns and other activities.

Bonus: Get a free social media report template to easily and effectively present your social media performance to key stakeholders. A social media report can be anything from a bare-bones spreadsheet listing raw numbers to a spiffy slide presentation packed with analysis.

It all depends on the purpose of your report. Here is a basic outline to get you started. Consider social media report template the foundation of our social media report template, which you can download for free below, social media report template. Mix and match the sections to create a custom social media reporting tool that works for your intended audience and needs.

Start your social media report with a quick summary of the intended goals, strategy, tactics, and success metrics. This provides context so your readers understand what to expect in the rest of the report. This is just a quick overview of the most important results. For example, you might want to list high-level data like total new followers, total engagements, or total website traffic.

For a full breakdown of all the numbers you might want to include in your social media report, check out our post on social media metrics that really matter. Maybe you made contact with a key influencer for the first time. Include room in your social media report to report on all forms of success that are relevant to your goals.

This is where you go beyond simply reporting the numbers to analyze what the data actually means. For example, rather than simply reporting the number of engagements, you might want to analyze the number of engagements per post or per follower. And rather than simply reporting the number of clicks you drove to your website, you might want to analyze how much of total website traffic is coming from social campaigns.

Again, make sure to provide context by comparing your results to previous campaigns, or to what you know about competitor campaigns, social media report template. If you can, try to analyze your data to determine why you got the results you did, social media report template.

The facts are interesting, sure, but the reasons behind the data are what can help you tweak your strategy and set meaningful social media goals. End your report by summarizing what you learned, and how those lessons will help guide your future strategy. Your report should look nice and be easy to follow.

Let your data tell the story. Social media can help drive awareness, sales, leads, engagement—the list goes on. Make sure to stay laser-focused on the KPIs and metrics that matter most to your business. Is this social media report template meant for your boss, your marketing team or VPs? Capture all of this in your social media report, social media report template. This makes your report a valuable to help you avoid mistakes and repeat successes next time.

The higher up you go in your company, the more concise your report needs to be. In some cases, you might want to create social media reports just for your own reference. Just stick with the relevant data and include enough context so that the information is available and easy to understand for future analysis. For reports with more analysis, use a spreadsheet to gather your data, then present it in a document or slide presentation. Or, use a social media reporting tool like Hootsuite Analytics to build custom reports, complete with charts and graphics, and export them as a spreadsheet, PDF, or PowerPoint.

The data in your social media report is based on analytics—either from the individual social networks themselves or from a centralized social media reporting tool like Hootsuite. Head to your Facebook business page and click Insights in the top menu. You can click through various reporting options in the left menu to see more detailed information about likes, reach, actions on your page, and more.

To export data to include in your social media report, click Export Data on the top right of the Insights page, and choose which data to export and the format that works best for you.

In the left menu of your Insights page, click Storiesthen click the blue Turn On button. Open your Twitter profile and click on your avatar on the top right of your screen. Click Analytics in the drop-down menu. To find more detailed information, click through the options like Tweets or Audiences in the top menu of your Twitter Analytics screen. From there, click Export Data to export the information as a.

Open your Instagram social media report template and tap on the three bars menu icon on the top right of the screen. Click Insights. Tap on Content or Audience for more details about specific posts or for follower information. To access stories analytics, tap Content in the top menu, then scroll down to Stories and tap See all.

By default, this screen shows impressions of your stories for the past 14 days. Tap the blue Impressions text to social media report template a menu that allows you to get insights on reach, exits, forwards, and more, and to choose a different time frame.

Keep in mind that Instagram Insights are only available for business accounts. Open your company page and click Analytics in the top menu, then choose VisitorsUpdatesor Followers. To export your data as an. Snapchat has built-in analytics, but not everyone has access. If you qualify, open the Snapchat app, then tap your avatar on the top left to open your profile. Tap Insightswhich should appear right under My Story. There are also some great third-party Snapchat analytics tools, which you can learn about in our post on how to use Snapchat Analytics.

You can get more details by clicking on the various analytics options in the drop-down menu. For data on your Pinterest ads, click Ads in the top menu, then choose Reporting from the drop-down list. All Pinterest analytics pages except the overview have an Export data button at the top right. Click it to download a. Hootsuite Analytics allows you to collect data and create reports for multiple Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles from one dashboard, social media report template.

You social media report template share reports with team members directly within the Hootsuite Analytics interface. You can get more details on how to make the most of the data available through all of these social reporting tools in our blog post dedicated to social media analytics.

Use Hootsuite to do all your social social media report template reporting from a single dashboard. Choose what to track, get compelling visuals, and easily share reports with stakeholders. Try it free today. Get Started. Christina Newberry is an award-winning writer and editor whose greatest social media report template include food, travel, urban gardening, and the Oxford comma—not necessarily in that order.

Click here to start using the template in Google Docs. April 8, By: Christina Newberry. Get the free template now! Filed under: Social. About the Author Christina Newberry is an award-winning writer and editor whose greatest passions include food, travel, social media report template gardening, and the Oxford comma—not necessarily in that order.

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social media report template


Apr 08,  · A smart, simple, and easy-to-understand social media report is key to proving the value of your social marketing plan. It’s a concrete, data-driven way of showing what you’ve accomplished. A good social media report can also help guide your actions as you incorporate lessons learned from. Social Media Report Template. Translate your KPIs into a social media report with visual metrics. Display information such as your number of posts, audience engagement per post, retweets, best performing posts, and more. Compiling and tracking these analytics in an easy-to-read report creates a great tool for communicating with your marketing. Social Media Report Example [PDF] Create comprehensive Social Media reports for your clients with the wide range of templates provided by ReportGarden. Highlight the key reports with useful metrics and visualisations specific to each of your clients’ needs. FREE TEMPLATE».